Clair Skin Eye Serum

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Clair SkinCorrecting & Clarifying Serum

There is an overwhelming about of anti-aging skin care products on the market, so how on earth do you which ones to buy? Clair Skin Eye Serum is clinically tested for guaranteed results so you won’t have to worry about it being a dud skin product. Another great thing about Clair is that it is a serum. Anti aging serums are much better than creams because they are composed of smaller molecules. This means they absorb much deeper into the layers to repair and protect skin at a cellular level. If you’re using a product to repair the damaged skin underneath the eyes, you won’t want a thick cream. This serum is light and goes on in a thin layer.

Clair Skin Serum is bursting with anti-aging antioxidants made to lift, firm and smooth skin. Did you know 75% of your skin is made up of H2O, and two proteins known as elastin and collagen? These proteins are responsible for keeping skin in firm shape. However, as you age, your skin generates less and less of these proteins. Because of this, your skin becomes more prone to damage and begins to sag and form wrinkles. This anti-aging serum repairs damaged skin at a cellular level to restore lost protein. The added vitamin E & Retinol work hard to boost immunity and rebuild damaged cells.

The Science Behind Anti Aging Serums Like Clair Skin

The path to wrinkle free, radiantly smooth skin is finally here with the power of Clair Skin Serum. Unlike creams that sit at the surface of the skin, this unique serum penetrates deep into the layers of your aging skin and works from the inside out to repair damage. One ingredient in the solution contains peptides that eliminate wrinkles by regenerating lost collagen and elastin cells necessary for youthful skin regrowth. Another key ingredient in this miracle serum works as a natural skin plumper by lifting the skin out of embedded layers. The serum is great for all skin combinations, even those who struggle with sensitivity!

Clair Skin Eye Serum Ingredients

Always make sure to look at the ingredients of the product before you purchase. Look out for products that contain ingredients such as sulfates, alcohols and chemicals sun screens! Ingredients like these will dry out your skin and can actually increase the signs of aging. Clair Eye Serum uses natural ingredients and powerful antioxidants to restore damaged skin back to life. These are a few of the antioxidants used in the serum:

Vitamin E – A well known antioxidant that allows for better absorption and protects skin cell membranes from oxidation damage and UV ray damage.

Niacin Amide – (Vitamin B3) Improves the texture and tone of damaged skin to reduce wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation (age spots).

Benefits Of Using Clair Skin:

  • Powerful Antioxidants!
  • Hydrates Dry & Dull Skin!
  • Generates Lost Collagen Cells!
  • Restores Firmness & Elasticity!
  • Smooth Wrinkles & Age Spots!

All Set To Order Clair Skin? Here’s How!

Get ready to correct and clarify damaged and aging skin with Clair! This beautifying serum is your new best friend and works hard to give you the youthful looking skin you desire. The steps are simple! All you have to do is click on any order button to begin. Then you will be directed to fill out a bit of information so we know where to send your package. Get excited for skin that shouts “OOH LA LA” order online today!

WAIT, Want In On How To Get Even Younger Looking Skin?
After a serum is applied to the face, a moisturizer is often needed to lock in moisture and the antioxidants. pair Clair Skin Eye Serum with Revive Cream! A powerful anti aging moisturizer that reduces wrinkles throughout the entire face and neck area. Order online now!



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